September 4, 2005

Obligatory Introduction; or: BS, BS, BS.

Posted in Lessons Learned, Me at 3:35 am by mj

I’m a software engineer in a smallish team acquired last year by a large media company. I haven’t had anything resembling a public blog for six years, and at that time I just felt weird writing about myself. (I’m not comfortable being the center of attention in any context.)

I was looking for a cheap place to get myself into the habit of writing regularly when a co-worker offered a invite. Bribes were proffered, and here I am, two weeks later.

So… “Better software. Better science. Better sex.” It’s a challenge to myself. Lke a lot of people at some time in their lives, I’ve fallen into a period of directionlessness. There’s been this nagging feeling that I’m not accomplishing what I could. After a couple years of coping with a persistent health issue, which has recently abated, and some turmoil at work, I’m looking for–or looking to create–interesting challenges. But the first part of meeting any challenge is gearing up, getting psyched, finding motivation. Hence, I’m challenging myself to be more professional and more critical of the world around me.

My original motto was, “Better software. Better philosophy. Better life.” But, like all good, true, mundane mottos, it suffered from a lack of vigor and charisma. So I chose the most interesting–and maybe provokative–subsets of my interests (software, science and sex), realizing that not only was it sensationalistic and, just perhaps, might lead to some readers…but it offered a great comeback for any detractors. So, remember, when you disagree with me, just proclaim: BS! BS! BS!

My interests vary. From search (very dear to my heart) to chinese politics (an interest I developed after meeting my wife); aging research (not that I’d be very good at living forever) to epistemology (particularly as it relates to political and scientific systems); social networking (and its applications to search/feedback/filtering) to theology (which you might consider odd if you knew I was an agnostic); I could rattle on in a vague manner, but it’s better if I save it for actual posts.

So that’s it in a snail’s shell. I am now ready to identify my first lesson learned in blogging: be more freaking specific!


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