November 1, 2005

Ban Halloween, because it’s the conservative socialist thing to do

Posted in Politics at 10:11 pm by mj

Hugo Chavez–that upstanding nationalist socialist revolutionary bringing peace and prosperity to Venezuela–apparently thinks Halloween is part of the U.S.’s “game of terror”. Which should be obvious to anybody, what with George Bush’s campaign to bombard the country with anti-Chavez jack-o’-lanterns.

Okay, okay. Nationalists appealing to cultural heritage, and rejecting–if not forbidding–foreign cultures is nothing new.

But the juxtaposition between that and the response to the incident in Massachusetts is just great.

I remember the days of my youth, when the only people objecting to Halloween were old hags who thought the devil would steal our souls. Maybe they were just closet socialists.

What was that? Oh, gezhundeit!

(Thanks to Catallarchy for the pointer.)



  1. christopher lawless said,

    thats not a socialist thing to do thats more nationalist, and pretty much depends on the country, most socialist’s would enjoy halloween , its harmless fun

  2. christopher lawless said,

    also your link to cnn which i just cliked on does not seem to exist

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