November 7, 2005

Two Month Assessment

Posted in Lessons Learned at 8:43 pm by mj

A quick run-down of my blog so far, more for myself than anybody else.

Number of entries: 5 (up from 3)
Frequency of posting: about once a week (down from once every two weeks)
Longest absence: 19 days
Number of links: 13 (up from 2)
Number of links into ongoing conversations: 5 (up from 0)
Average length of entry: long
Focus of entries: Reflective
Style: Somewhat formal.
Voice: Still not sure.
Number of comments: 1 2 (not including my own)

My second month saw my first comment; oddly, this did not come from a trackback to an existing discussion, or referring a friend or colleague. For a period, I really committed myself because it was enjoyable, but then we entered crisis mode at work and I’ve tailed off (hence the reason this assessment is 3 days late). At the end of my first month, I vowed to start linking more to discussions happening “out there” and become less insulated. After my initial 19 day hiatus following that commitment, I got on track to do just that.

Blogging is many things to many people, and I’m trying to figure out which of those things it will be to me. Getting in on some of the great discussions happening, particularly in the software world, is probably at the top of my list of “enjoyable things about blogging.” But we’ll see.

My third month, then, will be about trying to contribute something, more than about trying to find my voice or reduce my shyness.

Update: Another lesson learned: refresh your “Write Post” tab before writing a new post, or it will publish according to the date you last refreshed the page.


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