November 12, 2005

Restarting my links: first up,

Posted in Education, Links at 12:15 pm by mj

I’ve decided to start over on the blog links I show over to the right, and introduce new links one-by-one as I talk about them. This will help me:

  1. keep only the good ones listed,
  2. prune my normal reading list,
  3. contribute more than simple links (Mindless Link Propagation is just so evil), and
  4. ensure I’m finding new blogs

First up is, a blog about education. Well, mostly she writes about problems in education, or innovative techniques that teachers find to accomplish great things in spite of a broken system. That she’s not a teacher herself probably discredits her in the eyes of some–particularly those who have a political agenda she has ridiculed at some point–but she finds excellent articles and provides succinct commentary.

I found Joanne’s blog through Findory, which I’ve started evaluating to see if its recommendation/personalization engine is as good as I’ve heard. As I prepare more for being a parent (no, I am NOT pregnant–and neither is my wife), education and childrearing resources are something I’ve started seeking out.

I’ve always been interested, but have just given up on what I see as a fundamentally broken, corrupt educational system that will eventually implode. Judging from some of Joanne’s stories–school districts removing history from their curriculum, high school teachers forcing students to agree with political polemics, teachers refusing to use best practices to teach math resulting in students who can’t calculate change, not to mention “intelligent design”–I’m not far off.

But going into parenting, as with any endeavour, you can’t be ignorant. Not only do you have to know what to do correctly, you have to know what’s being done wrong so you can prepare for and correct it in your own sphere of influence.

I haven’t been reading her long, but I’m sure she’ll still be in my regular line-up two years from now.


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