November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving again

Posted in Me at 4:19 pm by mj

Ah, the sweet, relaxing four-day weekend. This will be the fifth year that Yinghua and I have cooked together. Just her and I. The first year (before we were married) we cooked with/for my roommates, and another year we had some people over, but I prefer the quiet family weekend experience. I don’t have to worry about cleaning the house, or staying awake, or even taking a shower. Then at night we prepare for early morning shopping on Friday.

We cook more-or-less the same thing every year, and eventually–when our children are old enough to appreciate the difficulty of cooking a good meal, but young enough that they don’t yet resent our very existence–we’ll actually be good at it. (This year we’re trying a different, French mac-and-cheese recipe (I usually use my grandmother’s recipe), and we’re both tired of the sweet potatoe-in-orange-cup dessert from Emeril.) Last year was our best year yet for turkey. This year the turkey looks like it might have been coming down with a cold when it was slaughtered, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

This is also the one weekend I really treat myself. Usually I agonize over every penny I spend on myself, but not Thanksgiving weekend. So, if you’re a salesman, try to catch me the day after thanksgiving. Maybe I won’t slam the door in your face. Maybe.

Usually, the only thing I worry about during the Thanksgiving weekend is decorating the house for Christmas. But this year I have a project in mind too. We’ll just see how that goes.


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