December 16, 2005

Holiday travelling makes me hurt

Posted in Me at 11:19 am by mj

In 2002, I caught the terrible stomache virus that was going around, and ended up spending Christmas night vomiting.

In 2003, my wife and I both had the flu, and ended up staying in through Christmas.

In 2004, I had an upper respiratory infection, and spent the first week and a half in bed.

This year, I felt great getting on the plane. I was already on antibiotics from a respiratory infection the previous week. I was taking herbs to keep my throat and sinuses clear. I took the day off work to reduce stress. I intentionally did not wear my contacts, since plane air always dries them out and gives me a headache.

I took a single, short nap around 3:30am, using my wife’s arm/shoulder as a pillow (yes, I realize it’s supposed to be the other way around)…

We’re not sure if I was positioned incorrectly on the seam of her shirt, or if it was the chemicals from her hair (she’d just had her hair styled), but the result is: when I woke up at 5am, my left eyebrow/forehead was obviously, massively swollen and bruised, and I had the worst headache I can remember experiencing.

Two days later, I am still popping Tylenol.

Once were the days I looked forward to going home for Christmas…


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