January 29, 2006

Details on the promising new avian flu vaccine

Posted in Health at 4:02 pm by mj

There’s a great explanation of the new H5N1 vaccine from the University of Pittsburgh. While most reports have been slim on details, this is an excellent article explaining how the vaccine was produced, how it differs from traditional flu vaccine production, and what the obstacles are to making it effective in humans.

After reading this and several other articles, I’ve added Effect Measure to my reading list. Yeah, it’s left-wing, but there are a ton of excellent posts over there. This post on the vaccine was apparently written within 24 hours of reading the original paper, and demonstrates a more thorough understanding of the topic than many articles you’ll read that take weeks to compose. I wish I could be that productive and concise.

Link via Silviu Dochia’s Avian Flu blog.


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