January 29, 2006

Information Architecture Summit 2006

Posted in Me at 8:13 pm by mj

File the 2006 IA Summit under “conferences I (think I) want to attend.”

I’m trying to make up my mind whether it would be worth attending. Some of the papers being presented sound interesting, but only half have full descriptions, and many of those aren’t aimed at engineers. Tagging and faceted navigation feature prominently, of course.

Most of the value of attending conferences is in the social and professional networking that takes place. I’d wager that you learn more from reading the published papers on your own schedule, than listening to a presentation or participating in an average half-day workshop. And since I’m not much of a socialite, I’m not sure how much valuable professional networking I’ll accomplish.

On the other hand, attending a conference does provide one an excuse to set aside a few days to think and read about a particular set of topics, whereas, otherwise, one might be going about one’s normal daily activities.

I am currently leaning in favor of attending, especially if I can convince my employer to pay my way–I just don’t want to come back and have to tell them it was a waste. Any bets on whether they’ll pay for a five day excursion to Vancouver, with two months’ notice? đŸ™‚


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