April 12, 2006

Working for a Large Web Site Has Made Me Impatient

Posted in Development, Work at 7:27 pm by mj

Last week, Webshots launched CollegeLive as a beta — a distinct, more-or-less “walled garden” for university students. It’s not just a ripoff of Facebook, but, let’s say, inspired by their success, with some improved features. And it was a lot of fun to develop.

Most entreprenuers would be happy with the traffic we’re getting in our first week.

Me? I’m just impatient that we’re not yet getting tens of millions of pageviews.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on anything that wasn’t large scale within a short while. Our mobile offerings have always been medium or small scale. Mobile has always been a good place to try new things–new platforms, new development models–because it’s large enough to pose some challenges, but small enough that it’s not going to tip over. There are few mobile services of that magnitude today.

Now, nobody expected tens of millions of page views the first week, especially launching mid-semester. It needs time to grow, and we’ll doubtless respond to our members with features in time for a fall rush (no, not that kind of rush…well, maybe that kind of rush). I’m just incredibly impatient. I’m not sure I could go back to working at a company that doesn’t deal on a large scale.


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