June 11, 2006

SIGIR 2006

Posted in Conferences, Search at 8:39 pm by mj

The ACM SIGIR is back in the states this year, hosted at the University of Washington in Seattle the second week of August. Registration was just posted last week, after months of a “coming soon” page.

Conference registration is $550 for ACM members.

The panels I’m planning on attending, from the program:

  • User behavior and modelling (day 1, session 1, room 1)
  • Exploiting Graph Structure (day 1, session 2, room 1)
  • Formal Models (day 1, session 3, room 2)
  • Machine Learning (day 2, session 1, room 2)
  • Efficiency (day 2, session 2, room 3)
  • Clustering (day 3, session 1, room 2)
  • Recommendations: Use and Abuse (day 3, session 2, room 2)
  • Web IR: Current Topics (day 3, session 3, room 2)
  • Faceted Search Workshop (day 4) ($110 more, plus an extra night stay; Andrei Broder, who I wrote about earlier, is the co-leader)

I’m not much of a conference person, and even less of a socialite, but I’m looking forward to learning a lot from the people there–both the panel members, and the audience.

Who knows, I may even come away having recruited a couple of smart young researchers to work on my team.. (though, with Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and several start-ups well represented on the panels, it will be tough.)

I’d love to hear if any of my six readers (including the four spammers) is planning on attending.


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