August 5, 2006

Lost in the Forest of Pronouns

Posted in Programming Languages, Software at 9:38 pm by mj

As I hit the road for SIGIR in Seattle, I leave you with Steve Yegge’s anti-OO rant, which I just happened across when I was supposed to be napping this afternoon (I never did sleep today). He makes good points in a humorous way. Even if you’re not a programmer, you will be able to read this and understand his main point.

I am fascinated by programming languages and the evolution of language features. I am even more fascinated by language zealotry.

It’s certainly true that Java programmers tend to either discount or even not acknowledge alternative viewpoints. Then again, the first third of Programming Python is 95.263% advocacy rather than substance. I just chalk it up to culture.

And so, the sun is set, my car is packed, I am wired, and the roads are becoming empty… now’s just the right time to be leaving. I will blog more from the conference….

(I owe several people e-mails. I will tend to those during the week.)


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