September 10, 2006

One year assessment

Posted in Lessons Learned at 3:40 pm by mj

Last Monday (September 4) was my “blogiversary!” I didn’t even remember. That’s how much I suck. 🙂

So, in one year I posted a paltry 59 entries, going an average of 6 days between posts, and a max of 40 (during the winter holidays). Median time elapsed? 3 days. The mode of days elapsed? 1. Those stats sound much better, but are misleading.

Number of legitimate comments? 9.

Number of spam comments? I don’t know. I’ve manually deleted about a hundred over the year, but WordPress’ spam filter catches a dozen or more per day.

I can’t get WordPress to show individual post stats beyond the past two days (*sigh*), but, simply by sampling my stats page, my most popular post, by far, is last December’s Webshots and Flickr: A (possibly) more thorough analysis.

Similarly, from my own sampling of my stats page, the most popular search term that leads to a pageview, is…. sex. It wasn’t until a month after I titled by blog that I realized I could guess the consequences. I’m probably also penalized by Google et al. Maybe it’s time for a name change.

My dismal Technorati rank is 838,064. (This is the first time I’ve checked my rank.)

My lesson is: post more. post better. link more. link better. and blogger, promote thyself.


  1. Mike said,

    Hey, a litle late (I’m just now catching up on my RSS). Just want to say that I read, but rarely have anything worth saying.

    Don’t remember exactly how I got here, but I probably arrived because of the title, but stayed for the geeky stuff.

    Actually, I may have been linked to this article: LINK (according to my feed reader)

    So yeah, just wanted to say ‘thanks.’ 🙂

  2. Mike said,

    Oh oh, and ‘congratulations,’ too. Wish I could edit that.

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