March 6, 2007

User Interface Reductio Ad Absurdum

Posted in Books, Fun, Me at 10:00 pm by mj

What can one do but chuckle when presented with the following?

I could go on about how has the worst cart management interface (except for all the others). And how it’s so incredibly difficult to find old, saved items, and move or delete them, that I just don’t do it. And that the result is a list of items, many of which are 2-4 years old, half of which I already own (received as gifts/bought elsewhere) or decided I didn’t want.

But I know it’s all my fault.





  1. The official debut on the worldwide broadcast of the long waiting new video of Lady Gaga is fact.
    This is another video challenge of the eccentric singer offered to his fans, the single Alejandro – part of its latest album – The Fame Monster, which came at the end of 2009.

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