April 11, 2007

Now Using Google Reader, Able to Share More

Posted in Blogging, Me at 8:32 pm by mj

So, I finally did it. In the past, I’ve tried a most of the popular feed aggregators, but found them cumbersome to use. The most promising were Google Reader and BlogBridge.

The latter still has some deal breakers (no web interface being one), but Reader has come a long way. It’s really much slicker than it used to be.

So, this weekend, I imported about 200 or so feeds into Reader, and made a commitment that I’ll stick with it for at least 2 months. I hope I will become a better blogger and just generally more in-touch. Right now, of course, I’m just feeling overwhelmed.

Anyhow, Reader has a nice little sharing feature, which gives me a pretty good link blog.

In fact, it was because I’d grown addicted to Scoble’s link blog that I decided to check out Reader again.

So, check out my link blog. It’s a hundred times better than this thing here, mainly because there’s no inane rambling from yours truly. 🙂


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  1. […] moving to Google Reader, I’ve realized just how much stuff I’d been missing doing things manually all this […]

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