April 14, 2007

More on Twitter & Rails – Solutions

Posted in Development, Scale, Software at 6:37 pm by mj

As a follow-up 8 hours later to my previous post on Twitter & Rails, I’ll point to a couple of great technical discussions of how to solve the problem in Rails.

First, Ryan Tomayko discusses a solution he uses in production, which seems to be more a partitioned/federated approach.

He also points to an excellent proof-of-concept how-to for an in-Rails load balancing solution.

Pretty nice.

As a side note, a person with experience in more mature platforms could offer a lot by focusing in on Rails for a while…


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  1. Dr Nic said,

    Agreed – our community seems ready for someone to step in with opinionated solutions to some of these topics. Perhaps there are already such people but they aren’t documenting them yet. Let’s hope that’s true and they learn how to create a WordPress account soon 🙂

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