April 24, 2007

MySQL Conference: Who’s that idiot in the pool?

Posted in Life, Me at 9:46 pm by mj


I have done a lot of embarrassing things in my life. At least two every day, I think. (OK, three.)

But none as odd as falling off into the Hyatt pool during the MySQL conference lunch on Tuesday.

Didn’t see it coming.

Didn’t even realize it was happening until I saw the plate breaking in my hand as I sank into the water.

Had to ask myself whether I was dreaming.

“Yes,” I lied.

The Hyatt people took care of me, dried my clothes, and pretended that these things happen. Something for them to laugh at at office parties for years to come.

(I couldn’t tell if the liability guy taking my statement was trying to suppress laughter or trying to avoid accusing me of planning the whole thing.)

Yes, the laptop survived. My Targus backpack, in fact, didn’t let in any water, as far as I can tell. The laptop and all my papers were dry.

My cell phone, on the other hand… it works, but the screen is blank. I hope it can be repaired.



  1. […] Maybe this year I can avoid falling into the swimming pool. […]

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