September 18, 2007

Bad summer for motherboards

Posted in Life, Me at 12:56 pm by mj

Back in June, I blogged about the motherboard on my Dell PowerEdge going out.

Last Wednesday, my GE refrigerator/freezer went out. The fan was still blowing, but the air wasn’t near cold enough.

Most of the food in the freezer unthawed before we even realized there was a problem, and the refrigerator was above 45 degrees.

We tried our best to eat all our still-fresh-smelling recently-thawed meat, and bought a bit of dry ice and regular ice to help with the refrigerated stuff, but I wasn’t going to take a chance with most of the food. Replacing $300 of food is less painful than throwing up for 3 days. (No, I don’t need to scientifically verify the fact, thankyouverymuch.)

Today, the friendly GE repairman came and isolated the problem to… the main control board (motherboard). The battery had burned a cute little hole straight through the board.

Unlike the Dell, he replaced it within 15 minutes and was gone. No need to reinstall an OS, even.

Of course, the fridge is several times more expensive and the extended warranty was $80…


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