December 2, 2007

Laptop Contortions

Posted in Life at 9:35 pm by mj

How do you sit with your laptop?

I’ve never felt “at home” with a laptop. Always felt like I was contorting myself to fit the machine.

Over time, I’ve gotten used to sitting on a medium-soft sofa, laptop on my gonads, spewing all the right radiation to turn my (still hypothetical) future children into Super Mini-MJs.

But the bed has always proved an obstacle.

I had a roommate a few years back who’d never work anywhere other than her bed. Seemingly never in the same position/pose twice. I guess it pays to be ultra thin and flexible.

Then recently, Mrs. MJ surprised me with a gift from, of all places, Ulta.

It’s a wooden make-up holder/tray, designed for the young girl not on the go. (I guess girls like to put on makeup while laying in bed?) It has a nice soft bean bag on the underside, which not only makes it comfortable, but automatically enables convenient adjustment.

It’s the right height, right size, and right slope. (Slope being most important.)

Now I find working (who am I kidding? reading blogs) from bed feels perfectly natural.

And all for $5.

Who knew?