January 8, 2008

Politicians as Homeopaths

Posted in Politics tagged , , at 9:38 pm by mj

A quote I stumbled upon from Quackometer about homeopaths, which applies equally well to most politicians today (emphasis is mine):

I doubt we will ever see an X-Factor moment where a homeopath is forced to brutally confront the totality of their own delusions as they are exposed to a direct and uncompromising truth assault by a quackbusting Simon Cowell. Their emotional commitment to their healing fantasies is far stronger than their intellectual commitment to reason, truth and evidence. But I would have hoped that a homeopath’s disregard for truth was limited to the truths of science, however, events in the last week or two have made me wonder.

Apply that quote to politicians, particularly those who are “on a crusade,” or who find no personal meaning to existence beyond their political endeavors. Then run with the analogy in your own mind.


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