March 16, 2008

The End of Three Eras

Posted in webshots at 9:23 pm by mj

Six years is child’s play to what this baby has seen:


She’s a keeper.

I’ve learned and grown and experienced so much these past six years.

p1010042 So to those with whom I’ve worked most closely recently–Gokhan, Anne, Bryan, Yuri, Sergey, Jim, Thomas, Larry, Chris—

and to those who’ve expanded my world over the years–Milenko, JR, Allan, Eric, David, Edgar, Joe, James, Dru, Mark, Eric, Ji, Amy, Martin, Kisung, Lauren, Corey, Belynda, Tara, John–

p1010043 and to those who must remain anonymous lest I leave off only a single name–

and to the Brownie Beer Bear and the Bowling Pin of Justice–

and to those random guys at Kate O’Brien’s Friday evening who lent their unsolicited “signatures”–

and, of course, to Andy, Nick, and Narendra–

p1010046 Fuckin’ A.


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