April 13, 2008

Attending the MySQL Conference This Week

Posted in Conferences tagged , , at 10:21 pm by mj

To the (at least) eight of you whom I owe e-mails or phone calls (or more…), I apologize. The past three weeks, I’ve been commuting from SF to Seattle (Virgin America rocks!), and the week before I was in Cleveland. It’s been an exciting time, but it hasn’t left much room for other things.

Anyway, today–after finishing my taxes–I finally sat down with the MySQL conference program and drafted out my schedule.

Unfortunately, O’Reilly does not provide a way to share my personal schedule with anybody, which is disappointing. (Um, hello?)

My primary interests really run in two directions: hard-core scaling and performance metrics and strategies, and details about how other teams have solved their problems.

As long as I remind myself of that focus, I can minimize conflicts between sessions. Although, there are still several.

Last year’s conference was excellent. This year’s conference seems geared in a different direction, but still excellent. I hope to learn and think a lot, and get out of my comfort zone a bit.

I haven’t yet seen any of the BoF sessions scheduled, but I intend on attending a couple this year.

If you’re interested in meeting up with me–particularly if you’re someone I owe an email or a call to–ping me.

I shall endeavour to post at least once per day this week with my notes and observations.


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