July 19, 2008

OMFG! Can’t a guy even have a decent protest vote?

Posted in Politics tagged , , , , at 6:46 pm by mj

Bob fuckin’ Barr?!?

Thus concludes any feelings of affection I’ve retained for the Libertarian Party.

(Yes, I’ve been under a rock, and this is news to me.)

If Barr is really serious about reversing his position on…well, everything he ever advocated…he should do it within the Republican Party framework. Because it’s no good to spend decades doing damage with the weight of the federal government, then “repent” when a third party offers you an ego boost late in life. You have to reverse the policies you’ve helped implement, not just speak a few words that the mainstream won’t even take seriously.

And how the hell does a guy like that get accepted into the Libertarian Party, of all things? The party of “principle”? The party that would rather come in fourth in an election than give up an ounce of liberty?

I mean…are they all smoking dope?

Oh, wait.


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  1. disinter said,

    Bob Barr is a fraud using the LP for personal gain. I am amazed at how many so-called “libertarians” are falling for this guy’s bullshit.

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