August 23, 2008

Wisdom of Crowds

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I am living without internet in my temporary condo in Seattle (the horror! my god! I’m dying! how did people live twenty years ago? no wonder there are so many wars!), and am working on deadlines at the office, so have few chances to write.

But I am trying to keep up with the news using Google Reader’s offline mode.

Which brings me to this bit on collective intelligence from Nat Torkington:

Systems that channel individual behaviours to create new and valuable data are showing up everywhere. We point to Amazon Recommendations as the canonical example, but it’s hard to find an area that isn’t using individual actions to produce collective wisdom.

Not that I disagree, but the thought just struck me. We always bring up recommendation engines on Amazon or Pandora or Netflix or Facebook…

Wisdom represents the ability to understand the world better and, through that understanding, improve it (or at least one’s standing in it). (See the Wikipedia entry on wisdom, which agrees with me.)

How is “finding your niche” (or even moving outside your niche) in books or music or movies or online friends…wisdom?

That seems more like plain ol’ socialization to me. On a much larger scale than ever before, granted, but can we call what we’re doing with these tools at this moment in history increasing our wisdom?

Coincidentally, this chart from Newscientist (via Paul Kedrosky–no direct link available) shows what happens when people “recommend” (in a generic sense) stocks to one another:

I bet if we plotted the popularity of artists and movies (at all points along the head and long tail) we’d find similar results.

I guess I’m still waiting for automated tools that increase my wisdom. Are there tools that will look for trends in people that live longer, which will help me live to 100? Are there tools that will look for trends in people that are successful, which will help me retire when I’m 45 and spend the next 55 years traveling the world (and, hopefully, the moon and Mars)? Are there tools that will help us reform our political structure so that it’s even worth living longer? Tools that make it harder to not have compassion? Tools that prevent us from foisting dictators and nanny-states upon ourselves?

Yes, some of these things are coming–but at the moment, we basically have simple data mining tools that help experts know where to focus their attention, then filter and draw conclusions and make suggestions to the rest of us.

I love my Pandora. I love recommendation engines in general. I even love my credit card company’s fraud algorithms. My life is much better–I am much happier–as a result.

But I don’t feel any more wise.