April 20, 2009

At the MySQL Conference 2009

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I’m back at the MySQL Conference again. This year, I skipped the tutorials/workshops. And it’s a good thing, too, because I had a full day between my day jobs, tax issues and other matters.

You might be interested in my tentative schedule of sessions. Even after much editing, there are still conflicts. Not to mention MySQL Camp and Percona sessions upstairs.

This year I’ve decided my focus will be on MySQL performance and areas that could use some contributions. I need to get involved with the tools I use. I’ve also been looking to evaluate PostgreSQL more, and think a deeper understanding of many of the performance trouble spots that I’ve taken for granted will help.

In years past, I focused on my first love: hearing what other people are building, the scaling challenges they’ve faced, and their (sometimes novel) solutions. Which I just call “emerging best practices,” but it’s more than that.

This year I will not be going with co-workers, so I’m on my own mostly. I know of at least two former co-workers who will be at the conference, but many are skipping this year (read: their employers are struggling and don’t want to pay up). Only thing left is for me to show up naked.

Maybe this year I can avoid falling into the swimming pool.

Finally: this year, I have no pretense that I will be able to blog the sessions. Tried it two years in a row, didn’t work out so well. Besides, there are plenty of other sources for that.

My first challenge is going to be being up and dressed and ready to go by 7:30am. I’ve been working from home way too much…