About Michael

My name is Michael. I am a presently a consulting engineer with Fitbit working on tools to help people improve their health.

Prior to that, I was with Webshots from June 2002 through June 2009, playing a major role in two ownership transitions (first to CNET in 2004 and then to American Greetings in 2008). At Webshots, I focused on scalability, search and community.

I am originally from Louisville, and was set to develop my career in the midwest or East coast, until I was lured to the San Francisco Bay area by Excite, where I primarily developed vertical search technologies and, in general, made a pest of myself to the more experienced engineers on the search team.

I can be reached via email at my first name at lu-jones dot com.

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  1. John Engates said,


    Please contact me when you get a moment. I’d like to chat about a project I’m working on.

    John Engates
    CTO, Rackspace Managed Hosting

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