October 8, 2006

Changing titles

Posted in General at 8:42 pm by mj

I’m fooling around with alternate titles for my blog. Too many lost souls come here seeking “sex”–and not of “I’m a cute twentysomething chick who wants to meet you in the alley near BART” kind! (That would be creepy, too.)

I tried simply “mj’s bs” which is probably the best name. But it looks too barren and out of place in the heading. I think it suits me, though. (The connotations and the fact that I, too, look barren and out of place much of the time.)

For now, I’ve settled on replacing “Sex” with “S*”. Let’s see how that works.

I’ve also restored my “Things I Read” section. I forget why I pulled it down, I think I intended to slowly add links as I write about them. Yeah, that worked. So I’ve taken a somewhat random mix of things I find myself reading often.

I should also trim down that Categories panel on the side…

Other suggestions?